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In order to submit you an offer adapted to your requirements it would be of help to let us have the following information.

General information about the component

What function does the component have and what quantity do you require per year or altogether. Do you have special requirements for the consistency of the surface or do you have a preferred date of delivery?

Material Information

Which material do you want this component to be made of? If possible, please quote the exact type or trade name, e.g. PA66 Ultramid A3W

3D Model

Could you let us ideally have your 3D-data in the following formats to accompany your enquiry. Should you not be able to send any of these formats, then just let us have your data in the format available to you.

STEP       .stp or .step
STL .stl or .mgx
Catia V4.model


In order to assess tolerances or to have additional information it would help, if you could let us have a drawing or sketch. The following formats are available.