Injection Moulding - Special Procedures

The right solution for each application

Independent whether you are interested in our prototype injection moulding or small series, our injection moulding special procedure can be used for both. Our special procedures offer a number of possibilities to design your components even more efficiently. By combining several materials for example or by sheathing metal inserts several tasks can be combined in one component. This again saves time and money for the further use of the components. The following special procedures are our speciality.

Two and more Component Injection Moulding

In case of the multi-component injection moulding one component is made from several materials. One of the standard material combinations is for example combining hard components with a gated soft sealing geometry. But also a combination of two hard components is possible.

By using the transfer process we can produce two and more component parts. Each component will have its own tool. After the first component has been moulded, this is inserted into the second tool and sheathed. In case of three and more components this step is repeated accordingly.

Insert Technology

In case of the insert technology inserts are placed in the injection moulding tool and sheathed with plastic. The inserts are mostly threaded bushings, contacts, plates or coils. Also sheathing other components such as magnets or circuit boards is possible.

Outsert Technology

In case of the outsert technology (surface moulding) plastic elements are injected onto the surface of a metal base and fixed with undercuts or openings.


During the in-mould-procedure or also called in-mould labelling, foils, textiles or paper are inserted into the tool and back-injected with plastic. Thus high quality surfaces are created in one working step.

Micro Injection Moulding

Micro injection moulding is the process of producing injection moulding parts with a shot weight of less than one gram.

Gear Wheels

Manufacturing gear wheels represents a special challenge to the plastic injection moulding process. Due to the usual concentricity tolerance with gear wheels, the gating concept must take this particularity into consideration. Manufacturing precision gear wheels is one of our specialities.

Cable / Hose Sheathing

When sheathing cables or hoses, sealing the cable / hose is a special challenge. Most of the time, they are subject to large tolerance fluctuations, requiring a special sealing concept.


By adding propellants a foam structure is created in the component core. This procedure is mainly used for wall thicknesses between 4 and 20 mm. It is applied to provide thick-walled components with a foam core to prevent sink marks due to material accumulation.

Lost Core Injection Moulding

For the lost core procedure a core of low-melting metal is inserted into the mould and sheathed. Subsequently the metal core is melted out in a heating bath. The procedure is used to produce undercuts or voids that cannot be produced with demouldable cores.