Prototypes made from Original Material

The fast and inexpensive way to your Prototypes

You require a small number of injection moulding parts within short notice to be able to test your product with the original material? Or you may suffer a band standstill because your serial production tool is not ready in time? In that case the memoplast prototype production is your solution.

In order to minimise costs and time for manufacturing the tools, we rely on our own developed memoplast master-mould system. It combines a variety of basic functions of an injection moulding tool. In this connection we have successfully reduced production down to the essential factor – the cavity. In the prototype tool the undercuts at the component are removed with manual inserters, saving costs and time during the tool manufacture.

Our prototype tools are made from high-strength aluminium. Thus we achieve output times of up to 50,000 parts, depending on the component geometry and the plastic material used.

Our rapid-tooling procedure is particularly suitable for testing components. After testing the components you can adapt the measurements and design until the component perfectly meets your requirements. In this way you can prevent having to carry out expensive changes at the tools later on at the serial mould.

We can process almost all types of plastic in our prototype production and numerous special injection moulding procedures such as e.g. the insert technology or the two-component injection moulding.

Our prototype production is ideal for a quantity of 10 up to approx. 5000 pieces. Should you want a larger quantity, you should think about having a tool for a small series. We are happy to prepare a free-of-charge offer for your component.