Taylor-Made Small Series

Injection moulding parts in serial quality for small quantities

You need more than 1000 or 10,000 injection moulding parts in serial quality but do not want to invest in the high costs for a steel mould? You have a new product and want to introduce it to the market without incurring long waiting times? In that case the memoplast small serial production is just the right thing for you.

Your injection moulding parts are manufactured on conventional injection moulding machines from serial material. Our small series injection moulding forms are comparable to serial tools, equipped with guide bars and heating channels, if required. The only difference lies in the material of the injection moulding form. This is not made from steel but from high-strength aluminium alloy. The different material for the form does not measurably influence the component properties. This has been proved by several independent diploma theses, which we have carried out on this subject.

The advantages of our memoplast master-mould system also apply to our small series tools. As before with our prototype tools, we save time and costs during the production of tools. Contrary to the prototype production tools, undercuts are demoulded by automatically moving guide bars as it is done in serial production.

Our small series tools are manufactured from high-strength aluminium. Thus we achieve, depending on the component geometry, the number of cavities and the plastic material used, volumes of more than 100,000 parts.

Our small series tools are ideal for our small to medium-size batches, where a serial mould is not economic. Additionally, the market can be supplied with a small series until the serial mould has been manufactured. Also, changing and adapting the measurements can be carried out without any problems.

We can use almost any plastic for our small series production and a number of special injection moulding processes, as for example the insert technology or the two-component injection moulding.

Our small series production is ideal for quantities from 50 to approx. 10,000 parts per year, or one batch of up to 100,000 parts. Should you only require a small quantity, our prototype injection moulding could be of interest to you.

We are happy to prepare a free-of-charge offer for your small series.